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Birth Order and Finances

One thing that I found really interesting, in this week’s reading it was the birth order and finances, chapter 2 in Till Debt do Us Part, by Poduska. I would have never thought that the order in which you were born can influence how you are with your finances. It’s interesting how the responsibility and … Continue reading Birth Order and Finances

Who wears the pants in the family?

Who wears the pants in the family? This is a question people throw around all the time, when they are curious as to who’s the boss. In Richard B. Miller’s article, Who’s the boss, he talks about the different relationships we have with one another. We have husbands and wife’s, parents and children, and when … Continue reading Who wears the pants in the family?

Sexual intimacy and being uninformed.

Like with other weeks, there are so many topics to write on, it took me a while to decide which was more important to me. There were things like fidelity, or should I say infidelity in marriage, and that infidelity can be classified as emotional, spiritual, or sexual, and the rate of spiritual or emotional … Continue reading Sexual intimacy and being uninformed.

Gridlock or no gridlock!

When I think of the term gridlock, I immediately envision a traffic jam. Traffic jams will eventually work themselves out, but according to Gottman, some problems that create gridlock never work themselves out. In fact, he says that there are going to be problems within any marriage that won’t be solvable. I found this interesting, … Continue reading Gridlock or no gridlock!

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